Carvin Professional Auto Training Center

SCI la Garenne de Sèvres

Parc du Carembault – Carvin (62)

Centre de formation aux métiers de l’automobile GNFA et délégation régionale ANFA

2 700 m²

4 500 000 € HT

Delivered: september 2015

Architects: II+I ARCHITECTES – Économiste: PhD ingénierie – CVC / Fluides: SITAS – Structure: Intégrale 4

Jean Lefebvre

In a suburban zone, whereby the characteristics seems half industrial and half urban, this project intended to bring activity and work. It was registered in the frame of a specific need from the local administration and his habitants. The showroom is the main space in the building, thus he opens to his whole environment as he becomes a landmark.

In this 13 000 m² parcel, to conceive a one level building was an indisputable idea. The crossing big hall is a noble space and central space who distributes the machine workshops, the administration and the showroom. It opens also on a big patio where the structure, composed by arborescent metallic beams is covered with a glass roof. In this way, from the outside to the inside, the architectural drawing permits to distinguish easily the administrative services from the workshops, each function having its own entrance.
The challenge and the key who solve this project, located in the north of France in Pas-de-Calais, was to bring in and distribute the daylight. Through the patio, the glass roof, and the showroom, the light crosses all over the places whereas the workshops are illuminated with a zenithal light and the windows in the building are generously proportioned.

So, what happened to the field, an underground mine was located in the old allowance Fosse 12? The field and the land didn’t present no constraint. It was the occasion to discover that the parcel was under a zone described as lethal by GRDF: A gas pipeline was very nearby and forbade the construction of any building receiving public. An obligation lawful to protection on mechanics imposed to protects the ducts. The architects and the client anticipated the need by preparing and following the two simultaneous works, both very different but interweaving at the same time.