Chartres Competition

Région Centre, CMA, CFAI Chartres

Rue Charles Isidore Douin – Chartres (28)

Centre de Formation d’Apprentis

3 445 m²

4 200 000 € HT

2014 N.C.

Architects: II+I ARCHITECTES – Economiste: PhD ingénierie – BET structure: Intégral 4 – BET fluides:  SITAS – BET V.R.D: CL infra – Acousticien: Acoustiques solutions

In its current form, the professional Center Interpro 28 Chartres is stablished in a 35 000 m² field where 7 buildings, isolated or linked, are left with the roads and green zones. Those buildings are intended to formation in several domains, to professional activities in the food industry and to the site administration.

The main idea consists in improving the users working conditions and to adapt the surfaces needed in the professional formation. Keeping the essential elements in the program the atelier 2+1 questioned the whole site organization to be able to respond to the industrial emerging needs and to adapt them to the new technologies.

The starting point, in the architectural thought, consist to strength and valorized the automobile identity: a step by step way of thinking allowed to synthesize the functional needs ant the laws in vigor to attempt a balance between form and function.

In order to respond to an economic and mobility sake in the site, one of the existing buildings is extended and the roads are expanded. This modification balances the hole perception from the Charles Douin street and the Chaises street, mostly arriving from west, where the porch roof stands as a landmark in the existing entry.

The chosen materials correspond with the site idea: sustainability, persistence and easy maintenance. The dimensions given to the rooms are carefully chosen, the natural light as the standard implementation for the existing buildings are always a mark in the studios desire to research and innovate.