Illkirch Professional Auto Training Center

SCI la Garenne de Sèvres

23, rue de l’Industrie – Illkirch-Graffenstaden (67)

Centre de formation aux métiers de l’automobile GNFA

2 300 m²

3 500 000 € HT

Delivered: april 2009

Architects: Briandet et Danjoux – Chef de projet: Duy-Hiep Vo – Économiste: PhD ingénierie


The conception in this building was special. An industrial building conditioned the design in this project, whom the row width allowed the workshop inscription. Furthermore, the existing framework was preserved.

The administration offices and the technology rooms are up in the mezzanine. The classrooms are in the lateral lower ground floor; in this way they interact with the workshops. A classroom, a workshop, from the theory to the practice; this efficient organization guide the architectural approach and has become the key of this operation whom flexibility slip into the existent volume.
If the building shape is preserved, the tympans are magnified, notably through the opening on the street side, endowed with a curtain wall. The latter is equally destiny to bring in the light, to show the building, to bring dynamism and movement to the environment. Furthermore, the additional glass roof offers a natural light through the day.

There was a strict urban constraint between the parking lots and the green zones. In accordance with the client, the building is accessible from two entries: the fist opening on the street, intended to the staff and visitors, and the second one, directed on the parking and destined to the interns.