Marly-la-Ville Polyvalent Building / Cultural Building

Mairie de Marly-la-Ville

Delegated client

rue Marcel Petit – Marly-la-Ville (95)

Salle culturelle

1 200 m²

1 750 000 € HT

Delivered: april 2005

Architects: Briandet et Danjoux Thierry Cazals – Chef de projet: Matthias Boronkay – Économiste: PhD ingénierie


The Marly-la-ville’s old center village grows around the church, along the plateau of the Plaine de France. (An administrative region in the north of Paris). During the 19th century, the region called ‘’ de la gare de Fosses’’ induce a development of housing in the deep valley from Ysieux.

The municipality is divided by a 400m green band over the hill side. It’s in this place that the public facilities, the sports hall and colleges where already build.
Their implantation where organize following a structural axis, the Marcel Petit’s street, where the different buildings were regrouped carefully preserving the greenness and the emptiness in the site, the atelier 2+1 in association with their predecessors’ architects, Briandet&Danjoux, constructed a building who completed this combined group.

The global form intended to be simple, opposing a massive brick volume to a wooden and glass hall. The choice made on the brick façade was inflicted to preserve the device related to the public buildings in the neighborhood. In the building’s back side, a green terrace game allows to catch up the natural declivity from the soil.