Metz Professional Auto Training Center

SCI la Garenne de Sèvres

5, rue Jean Antoine Chaptal – Metz (57)

Centre de formation aux métiers de l’automobile GNFA et délégation régionale ANFA

2 300 m²

3 500 000 € HT

Delivered : april 2012

Architects : II+I ARCHITECTES / Briandet et Danjoux / Thierry Cazals – Économiste : PhD ingénierie


In a 5 000m² plot, the building fallows the shape of the field. The offices are at the first floor, while the six machine workshops are on the long ground floor. If the building is constructed with a concrete structure, the different cladding from the first ground to the first floor distinguish instinctively two functions: the training course and the administration. The constructions accessible from two streets allows each function to have an independent access.

The floor where are the offices is shorter and it’s open to a big terrace thanks to the ceiling corresponding to lower floor, there are entries in the roof who provide a zenithal light. All the circulation converged in the buildings heart and by his size and proportions it’s considered a generous place of life sharing. The central part, is bathed with the stairs light, who through a prism effect spread the daylight.
The studios are distributed by a crosswise corridor accessible from the exterior. While the hole glazed showroom, even if tied up to the parcel form, brings the architectural will to attribute the building a dynamic bow.

Between the two streets, the 2 meters’ difference level was used to minimize the angle corresponding to the basement ramp. It may be noted that the ground composition revealed quite damp and a water ground table was found. However, the architects achieved to find solution in other to respond with long term solutions, from 110 parking places 70 are buried under the building.