Mudaison Professional Auto Training Center

SCI la Garenne de Sèvres

3, rue du Verger – Mudaison (34)

Centre de formation aux métiers de l’automobile GNFA

2 700 m²

4 000 000 € HT

Delivered : july 2013

Architects : II+I ARCHITECTES / Thierry Cazals – Economiste : PhD ingénierie – CVC / Fluides : SITAS – Structure : IN4

Dumez Sud

The big issue in this project was to distinguish the administration from the working area. The space in the first floor was given to the formation studios, structured in two buildings around a landscape patio and the floor nicely-dressed with woods planks. The offices are in a floating volume, as a floating box dressed in a metallic skin that is sawn from the first floor who uses generously glass and stamped concrete.

At the encountering of this three entities, an open hall permits to link all the spaces. Inside the building, it’s easy to identify the different functions and the distributions are easy accessible.
The hole construction is protected from the Mediterranean sun, even if the spaces given to the formation are constantly bathed with natural light the riad effect of the patio permits to ventilate the hole building in summer. A porch roof is used in other to protect the double high hall and the showroom, across space one from the other. Exterior terraces are accessible from the center of the building and give a supplementary comfort for the users.

The architecture, very effective and without parade, participates at the evolution of the automobile sector symbolizing the evolving business sector where the high-tech predominates. The building answers also to the need of the client; to dispose a prestigious place responding the demand of his own clients.

Finally, the studios/labs have an industrial aspect that pay tribute to the mechanic automobile and to the metallurgic works.