Paris Day Hospital

Association l’Élan Retrouvé

23, rue de La Rochefoucauld – Paris (75)

Restructuration et extension d’un Établissement Psychiatrique en site occupé

2 500 m²

4 500 000 € HT

Delivered : april 2014

Architects : II+I ARCHITECTES / Briandet et Danjoux – Économiste : PhD ingénierie – CVC / Fluides : BETHAC – Structure: BIIC

SNCE / FRI / Moro / Beca / Relief TP / Somen

The operation, handled in the psychiatric health sector, required the restructuration of the head office and the rehabilitation of the Institute, along with the 2300m² new as extension. The Atelier 2+1 was committed and very involved on the elaboration of the program, participating actively on the definition of the needs with all the services concerned and with the patients.

The existing building comprised two perpendicular facades who were preserved fallowing the prescriptions of the ABF(Architects bâtiment de France): an Haussmann building up to the street, provided with a vaulted porch as the entrance, and on the right side, a modern master piece dated on the 60’. A very sad courtyard was used as a parking.

The extension, complete and unclose the courtyard, portray the continuity and the coherence to whole group between the different Haussmann’s style and modern. The three buildings, where the restaurant is on the ground floor, open in a new mineral square who provides a great light.
Above all, this patio symbolizes the will to offer in this medical atmosphere an appeasing place. It witnesses even at the second floor, the polyvalent room, as well as the two balneotherapy rooms in the basement. This conception allowed to simplified and improve the complexity of circulation who functioned as a labyrinth.

The mirror effect given to the extension reflects with its glass the affirmed characteristics inherent to the two buildings and bring inside the nearer city. The access from the street to the patio and vice versa helps the patients, who the majority are handled on a moving treatment, to compass the access and the warmth belonging to the place.

In this particular environment, the worksite occurred with uninterrupted use in the hospital, strict rules were set up to respect the security and the wellness required by the patients and the staff of the Institute.