Rouvignies / Prouvy Professional Auto Training Center

SCI la Garenne de Sèvres

6 rue Nungesser – Prouvy (59)

Extension du Centre de Formation GNFA de Rouvignies / de Prouvy

1 720 m²

2 745 096 € HT


Architects: II+I ARCHITECTES / Briandet et Danjoux – PhD Ingénierie

Jean Lefebvre

In a field between two municipalities, an existing building dedicated to the automobile profession needed an extension to answer to the growing needs. This project was outlined by the constraints related to the place: a pipeline, an airdrome and a parking. The pipeline gave the shape removing and cutting an angle. The Valencienne’s airdrome defined the roofs pattern: a tilted roof including a zenithal light for the workshops. The existing parking was expanded in order to marry the parcel and obtain 162 places reserved to the students and the staff.

From a sophisticated box, the extension in length manage to welcome the interns with the proper resources. The canopy cover shows the entrance to the building, they assure the transition between the inside and outside just as well the volumes junction. There is a subtle treatment in the bulging facades who hierarchize the volumes and obtain a proper height to the formation activities.

A lightness perception stands in the landscape refection. Those are the mirror windows who reflects the sky, the threes and the cars. It’s hard to note a predominant façade. Although three facades are visible from the Edmond Herly’s street (or the Nungesser street), and one single desire of an unfold ribbon is clamed.